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In Education, Journalism Advice, Journalism organizations, Journalism websites, Reviews, Website reviews on December 18, 2008 at 12:17 pm

concerned-journalistsThe website for the Committee for Concerned Journalists contains a treasure trove of interesting material for well, concerned journalists and concerned future journalists (otherwise known as journalism students). While the website is not difficult to navigate, finding some of the treasure might take a little time.

The Committee for Concerned Journalists is the committee which gave us the practical and challenging book – The Elements of Journalism, by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel – a must read for every serious journalism student.

Their website continues with similar work offering summaries and transcripts from the forums that led to the book, listing and briefly expounding on the 9 elements of journalism, and providing a citizens Bill of rights.

Membership to the committee is free and your name is added to their list of over 7,000 members. You can also sign up for their newsletters.

The real treasure though is the though provoking and challenging listing of articles written by journalists for journalists about journalism in their commentary and research section and under J-Tools. They also provide a few articles with advice for students and citizen journalists as well as their book list, journalism news links, journalism website links, journalism school links, and journalism job links.